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JBS Training (hereafter referred to as “the company”) overall aim is to ensure a quality service, which meets the needs, expectations and potential of our learners and customers whether internal or external to the company.


  • All staff are accountable and responsible for ensuring that the very best quality of service is provided to all our students and customers whether internal or external to the company.

  • That we will seek to achieve continuous improvement of quality, so those internal and external students and customers are provided with a better and improving quality of service.

  • That all areas of the company work to a clearly defined planning and review cycle which is used to link strategic and operational planning which provides for clear and regular processes of monitoring, evaluation, review, self-assessment and continuous improvement.

  • That the policy is actively led and supported by all staff. It will be promoted in a climate where staff are supported and trained to provide a higher quality service and where good practice and innovation is celebrated and shared across the company.




Ongoing, continuous process of evaluating (assessing, monitoring, guaranteeing, maintaining and improving) the quality of the related occupational competency.


This policy has been approved and authorised by:
Name: Mr Callum Bates
Position: Partner

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