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The course provides a comprehensive set of skills needed by the first aiders in the workplace. It adheres to the standards required by the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations.

First Aid at Work


The Requalification training course provides and update of first aid skills after 3 years for those who continue to provide first aid at work.

First Aid at Work Requalification


In low risk work environments, based on the workplace risk assessment, the one day course can help meet regulatory requirements for emergency first aid at work.

Emergency First Aid at Work


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First Aid FAQs

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How long is my

certificate valid for?

A first aid at work certificate lasts for three years. This means that the person can fulfil the role of a workplace first aider for those three years. Once a certificate expires a person cannot fulfil the role of a workplace first aider and an employer may not be providing the necessary first aid provision that their risk assessment identifies.

Although a certificate is valid for three years, studies have shown that the quality of first aid skills can deteriorate after 6 months. This is called skills fade. The HSE strongly recommends that first aiders complete an annual refresher of their first aid skills.

Which course

should i take?

The first aid at work course is most appropriate for employers who, based on their risk assessment, operate with a higher degree of hazard or for larger employers who, based on their risk assessment, operate with a lower degree of hazard.

The first aid at work course also covers more first aid techniques than the emergency first aid at work and if an employer’s risk assessments identifies that employees are at specific risk for example fractures, burns or anaphylactic shock they should train their first aiders in this first aid at work course.

What is an 

appointed person?

An appointed person is expected to take charge of the first aid arrangements which includes looking after first aid equipment such as ensuring the first aid kit is regularly replenished and calling the emergency services if an incident occurs. They are not expected nor are they trained to provide first aid. Appointed persons are only appropriate for very small low risk workplaces where their risk assessment has identified that a first aiders is not required. A first aider is trained and assessed to be competent to provide first aid if a first aid incident occurs.

How many first

aiders do we need?

The number of first aiders needed is determined by a combination of the number of people you employ the level of hazard that your operations present, the layout and size of your workplace and work patterns such as shifts. The number differs from employer to employer and a thorough risk assessment is required to determine what is appropriate for your operation.

As a rule of thumb, if you operate at a higher hazard, you should have 1 first aider with a first aid at work certificate for every 50 people employed on site at all times. For lower hazard employers, it is 1 first aider for the first 25 people employed on site at all times, then 1 extra for every 100 people employed.

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