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Cancellation of the Course by the Company.


The Company reserves the right to cancel or alter the dates or provision of the Course, the Venue and the individual or organisation providing the Course. In the event of a Course cancellation, bookings will normally be deferred to the next available Course at the same Venue (at the same Fee) unless the Client specifically requests otherwise. If the Client does not agree with the deferment the only course of action by the Client would be cancellation as set out in clause 1.2 below.


1.2 Cancellation of the Course by the Client.


The Client must give written notice (as listed in clause 1.3 below) to the Company if it wishes to cancel or defer a booked Course.  If a Course booking is cancelled or deferred by the Client, the Company reserves the right to apply the below cancellation charges based on the total Fee. These charges also apply to in-house training Courses cancelled or deferred by the Client.


Notice given                               % of Fee credited back


More than 28 days                                                     100%

15 – 28 days                                                                      75%

0 – 14 days                                                                        50%

Non-attendance or cancel on the day                     0%


In addition, the Company will charge the Client a £25 administration fee for each cancellation or deferral of a Course. The cancellation charge and admin fee will be invoiced immediately to the Client for payment.


1.3 Cancellation will only be accepted in writing by email to


1.4 For cancellations/deferrals within 7 days preceding the Course Start Date, the Company reserves the right to pass on any such delegate fees that they incurred for each day of the course deferral.

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